Newsletters | Nov 8, 2019

November-December 2019 Newsletter

Find updates on holiday collection schedules, when 2020 calendars will be available online, and get a refresher on where you should be placing your totes curbside.

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Newsletters | Sep 10, 2019

September-October 2019 Newsletter

Learn how to sign up for our enewsletter and get a refresher on what you can and cannot put in your yard debris cart.

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Newsletters | Jul 10, 2019

July-August 2019 Newsletter

Learn about safe tote placement and get a refresher on what you can recycle curbside.

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Newsletters | May 10, 2019

May-June 2019 Newsletter

We offer a lot of extra services you may not be aware of such as bulky item collection, extra recycling or yard debris carts, and more.

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Newsletters | Mar 10, 2019

March-April 2019 Newsletter

Spring is near and so is yard work. In this newsletter you can read about what can be included in your yard debris cart and what plastics can be recycled curbside.

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Newsletters | Jan 10, 2019

January-February 2019 Newsletter

It is better for the overall recycling system to err on the side of caution. If you’re not 100% sure if an item is recyclable, it should not be included. Check out this newsletter for information on recycling!

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Newsletters | Nov 9, 2018

November-December 2018 Newsletter

Double check your holiday collection schedule, find out when your 2019 calendars will be online, and read about how to dispose of extra garbage, yard debris, and recycling.

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Newsletters | Sep 10, 2018

September-October 2018 Newsletter

Tips on recycling your glass and motor oil.

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Newsletters | Aug 28, 2018

July-August 2018 Newsletter

Plastic items may have the recycling symbol on them but that doesn't mean the item is recyclable curbside. The number inside the chasing arrows (pictured below) does not designate whether or not it is recyclable curbside, it only designates what type of plastic the item is made from.

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Newsletters | May 1, 2018

March-April 2018 Newsletter

You may have seen news about the National Sword recycling regulations in China, where many of your curbside recyclables are sent for recycling. These changes have had a large impact on recycling in Oregon and quality is more important now than ever as the brokers are being restricted to only 0.5% contamination by the buyers.

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