Service Updates | Jan 17, 2024

Service Alert for Wednesday - Friday Customers!

Monday customers, click here for your information.

Tuesday customers, click here for your information.

Due to continued weather conditions, Wednesday customers may see an impact to services on Thursday, 1/18. As of right now, we have our drivers scheduled to start late (at 10am) with the hope that there will be additional thawing before then so we can operate safely. We will make a final decision about Thursday operations in the morning and will share information about the decision no later than 8:30am. We recognize that conditions this evening are still treacherous and many people cannot even get their carts to the road safely this evening.

If we are able to operate on Thursday (picking up Wednesday customers) drivers may be running routes out of order, so your drivers will arrive at a different time than you're used to. And there still may be some areas that we cannot pick up due to safety concerns related to snow and ice.

Thursday - Friday Customers: Services the rest of the week will be delayed 1 day through Saturday. We will post additional updates this week if something changes.

If we run on Thursday, we will not be picking up glass for Wednesday customers on Thursday, 1/18. These drivers have to exit their vehicles at every stop to empty the red bins and this is a safety hazard in the snow and ice.

If we are unable to run on Thursday, we will post another notice with information on how Wednesday customers can prepare their extras (at no charge) for their next regular collection for each commodity.

Please keep in mind that any decision to run modified routes is because safety is our priority. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the safety of our employees is important to us; they have to be able to make it to work safely as well as drive the trucks through your neighborhoods. Your safety is also important to us. Our trucks have to stop and start at every home, which is not easy to do in the snow and ice.

If you have any questions, please call or contact our office. Our office staff may be limited due to weather conditions and our recycling depot may be closed or have modified hours on Thursday, 1/18. We appreciate your patience.