On-Call Recycle+ Pickup

Urban Unincorporated Washington County: Service available effective 7/1/22.

King City: Service available effective 8/1/22.

Beaverton: Service available effective 11/1/22.

Durham: Service available effective 1/1/23.

Sherwood: Service available effective 1/1/23.

Tigard: Service available effective 5/1/23.

All other service areas: We are actively working with our other jurisdictions to establish similar programs and hope to have more information soon.

To request a Recycle+ pickup, please either submit a form request below or call us at 503-625-6177.

This service can only be requested in tandem with your glass collection schedule. If you’re not sure when your next glass pickup is, click here to verify your schedule before scheduling your next pickup. All pickup requests need to be received by 4pm on the business day prior to your collection day. If you send your request via the online form below, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once your request has been received and scheduled.