Feb 7, 2020

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is coming soon, the day of celebrating your love for the special people in your life. This year try to see if you can create special memories while being waste free. Here are some tips on fun things you can do with minimal waste.

  • Try making your own card from paper that you may already have laying around your house. Personal cards add a nice special touch and you're saving money by using items you already have. Did you know that cards with glitter, music, and non-paper add ons are not recyclable?
  • Consider buying a potted plant instead of fresh cut flowers. Fresh cut flowers will only last a few days while a potted plant can be replanted in your yard and you are able to enjoy it for much longer that way.
  • Fill a mason jar with bulk candy or nuts and dried fruit for a healthier version. Instead of buying individually wrapped candy go to your nearest bulk food store and buy candy and fill the jar. You will have less waste and a cool looking gift to give.
  • Instead of giving material items this Valentine's day, give an experience instead. You can create waste free memories that will last for years to come. You can go on a romantic nature walk, make a homemade candle lit dinner (this saves energy too!), go see a movie, the possibilities are endless.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day with your loved ones!