Company News | Jan 14, 2024

Service Alert for Monday Customers!

Update as of 1/16 at 1:00pm: Please click here for the latest update as of 1/16.

Due to weather conditions, we will not be running our routes on Monday, 1/15. The weather is forecasted to remain cold and not warming up until Wednesday, 1/17. This will cause the road conditions to likely stay the same until it warms up. Monday customers may end up being delayed one week. We will continue to post updates and how to prepare your material if service ends up being delayed.

Tuesday - Friday Customers: We will post an update regarding your services as soon as we can.

Please keep in mind that any decision to run modified routes is because safety is our priority. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the safety of our employees is important to us; they have to be able to make it to work safely as well as drive the trucks through your neighborhoods. Your safety is also important to us. Our trucks have to stop and start at every home, which is not easy to do in the snow and ice. With more people home, it will mean more people/cars in the streets as well.

If you have any questions, please call or contact our office. Our office staff may be limited due to weather conditions and our recycling depot will be closed. We appreciate your patience.