Community | Mar 19, 2020

Garbage & COVID-19

We recognize that the services we provide are essential to the health and safety of our communities. We have implemented new policies to maintain the health and safety of our employees so we can continue to provide these essential services. We have also closed our office and the recycling depot to the public, until further notice, to limit exposing our employees to the public. You can reach our customer service staff here.

All routes are running on regular schedules. There have been no changes to our on-route operations.

Here are some things you can do to help keep our employees safe, healthy, and working:

  • Bag your garbage: We've always asked you to bag your garbage before placing it in your cart. But now, more than ever, it's important to make sure your garbage is bagged and tightly sealed. This will keep items such as tissues, sanitizing wipes, and other personal items contained. According to the Oregon DEQ, household waste that may have come in contact with COVID-19 should be sealed in a garbage bag and placed with regular garbage.
  • Extra garbage: If you have extra garbage that won't fit inside of your cart, please place the bag(s) on top of your cart rather than next to it. This will limit the need for our drivers to handle your materials.
  • Cart placement: Leave 5 feet of clearance between each cart whenever possible. This allows the drivers to service your carts with the automated arm rather than getting out of the truck to move your carts by hand.
  • Stay informed: If our services are impacted, we will do our best to notify all customers of any service disruptions. Please subscribe to our enewsletter and follow our social media pages (all links are on the bottom of this page) to stay updated.